Telephoning Ryanair

How Big Will Your Phone Bill Be?

In response to the point made in the threatening letter, We wanted to state that we did not claim that Ryanair had acted in the way inferred in the letter, but have been advised that we should not say so because it would be a statement of what Ryanair had inferred, which otherwise we had never made.

We merely point out, below, the implications of premium rate telephone numbers which are not answered. If Ryanair were to make an assurance about who receives money from use of the premium rate numbers, this page would be altered accordingly.

One sentence below, which merely reported a suspicion, but added nothing to the point of this page, has been removed.

Ryanair can earn itself money simply by not bothering to answer the phone.

The contact telephone numbers listed are mostly premium rate. I have never got beyond paying to wait in a queue, but if anyone else has ever got through to someone, I would be interested to know.

The original purpose of premium rate phone numbers was to allow for businesses whose service was the phone call itself to be able to charge for it, such as the sex lines.

A reader has pointed out the following site for issues relating to premium rate telephone numbers which is interesting. That is

A number of readers have suggested the following site which tracks down geographical telephone numbers and campaigns against premium rate numbers.

One thing I can't seem to find anywhere on the Ryanair Web site is an email address, so if you need to contact them you have no choice but to phone. The only time you can communicate via the Internet is when you make your booking and pay your money.

If you are trying to contact Ryanair, given that they don't seem to publish an email address or answer the phone, please see the contact page, where we are gathering means of contacting them.