Correspondence With Ryanair

This page now focuses on the correspondence from 29 November 2004 onwards.

Letter received from Ryanair's solicitors, 29 November 2004

Reply from us to Ryanair's solicitors, 29 November 2004

In the interim period neither Ryanair nor their solicitors replied, but a reputable UK ISP was persuaded to pull the plug on the site. In the meantime, the site was moved elsewhere and an article appeared in the UK magazine Private Eye.

Second letter from us to Ryanair's solicitors, 22 January 2005

Second letter from Ryanair's solicitors, 4 February 2005

This is the letter in which Ryanair expresses an intention of using data protection law to prevent people emailing their offices. They also decline to make any specific statement about what is false in the readers' stories. It is clear that they don't want anyone to say anything about Ryanair, but it would be odd if they were claiming that every word of every story is false.

Their concern about the colour scheme is something that we can address, since they have been specific, despite the fact that we have nothing to gain by passing ourselves off as Ryanair and state that we are not Ryanair. We aren't in the airline business after all. However, the original choice of colours (similar to Ryanair's) was purely due to lack of imagination, so we are quite willing to change the colour scheme (as we have done).