Options if Ryanair Doesn't Respond

What on Earth Shall we do with This Domain Name if Ryanair Won't Respond?

We think that we have used the domain ryanair.org.uk in an honest and ethical way, but Ryanair may be determined to stop us from using it.

If our offer doesn't have a positive result, may have to stop doing what Ryanair is asking us to stop doing, ie saying what we say about them on this site.

That will leave us having to do something else with the domain. There are many options, for example.

We think that the best outcome would be that suggested in our offer, ie that we steadily remove sections from this site in return for improvements to Ryanair's customer service. The end result would be better air travel and better business for Ryanair, and the domain ryanair.org.uk not pointing at anything at all.

Have you got any suggestions? We would welcome them at info@ryanaircampaign.org.