Our Offer To Ryanair

This offer was sent to Ryanair's solicitor on 15 February 2005.

If Ryanair doesn't respond favourably, we will have to consider other options.

Dear Sir

We would like to offer an opportunity for Ryanair to improve its profits while avoiding becoming the new McLibel (see http://www.mcspotlight.org). We have no interest in damaging Ryanair, or harming the interests of Ryanair staff or passengers. If we achieve anything through the use of the domain ryanair.org.uk, the best possible outcome would be for cheap flights with good customer service to be available to ordinary people through Ryanair.

We feel that the pursuit of legal action will harm Ryanair through the publicity that results. We also freely admit that, although we are well aware that Ryanair would lose any court case, we are not interested in publicity and are certainly not determined, unless pushed, to take the time and trouble that a court case would involve us in. Not least because our aim is not to make Ryanair look ridiculous, but to improve the situation for everyone.

We also don't want Ryanair to waste money on legal action. We would rather that Ryanair invested in customer services.

Therefore, we propose that in addition to our many attempts to accommodate Ryanair's concerns, many of which they have not been specific about, we will make a series of further moves in return for which we ask nothing other than for Ryanair to improve its customer services.

We are prepared to make the first move. We have already removed the Ryanair email addresses from our site. If, in return, Ryanair provides a means for customers to email them, even if only via a Web form, and there is evidence that complaints are responded to fairly, we will then remove another section from our site.

For example, we might remove mention of the issues surrounding attempts to telephone Ryanair, for which, in return, we would expect Ryanair to provide free or local rate telephone numbers which are answered and through which customers can be shown to have been helped.

We will continue to remove sections from our site in the hope that Ryanair will make an improvement to customer services, prompted each time by Ryanair's favourable response to the moves we have already made.

At no stage will we gain anything from this, other than being left with no Web site to maintain.

We hope that your client will respond favourably to the move that we have already made.

Yours faithfully

Ryanair Campaign