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Incidentally, to get a feel for the likely response from Ryanair, Dublin-based writer Paul Kilduff has put together a new compilation of the Chief Executive's "wit and wisdom". See The Little Book of Mick. (Previous publication was Ruinair.) When your holiday has been ruined and you've been ripped off for hundreds, and continue to be ripped off as you try to get through on the premium rate phone numbers, reading his amusing sayings will surely cheer you up.

Writing to Ryanair

If you are trying to contact Ryanair, given that they don't seem to publish an email address or answer the phone, try

Ryanair Customer Standards
Corporate Head Office
Dublin Airport
Co Dublin

Fax +353 1 8121213

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Emailing Ryanair

A reader kindly sent some email addresses for Ryanair. We removed them for over year as part of our offer to Ryanair, whereby we made the first move in the hope that they would improve customer services.

We are providing email addresses again. Ryanair bizarrely claims that allowing their own customers to contact them by email is a breach of data protection legislation.

In fact it is Ryanair which is in breach, of the Electronic Commerce Regulations. Click on the link and look for heading "Minimum Requirements", which includes "The email address of the service provider must be given. It is not sufficient to include a 'contact us' form without also providing an email address."

The addresses below are restricted to those which you might need for the purposes people most often report to us, eg unable to contact Ryanair to correct mistakes in bookings, unable to report non-receipt of booking confirmations, basic questions about allowances etc.

Please let us know if these addresses are out of date or not responded to. = Reservations Manager (Michelle Penston) = Reservations Team Leader (Gemma Walsh)

(A recent message suggests that the Gemma Walsh address has been bouncing.) = Head of Customer Service (Caroline Greene) = possible contact for website problems = Head of Communications (Stephen McNamara)

Also, we are told, some email addresses that customers got a response from, having only been able to contact Ryanair thanks to this site, were (Recently, automated replies have been received from this address saying "Unfortunately, replies to this email address cannot currently be processed. Please send your query to our fax +353 1 8121230".) (after reports that this address was bouncing, we've had a report on 27 February 2009 that it seems to be working, and another on 22 August 2009 that it is bouncing again) (we've had a report that an email was deleted unread, in which case it must have been received)

We've been told that there was a reply from Gemma walsh, with the reply address

also Deputy Head of Customer Services (Siobhan O'Neill)


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Telephoning or Faxing Ryanair

We have a message in January 2010 praising Michael in Reservations who was helpful and gave an email response.

It seems that Ryanair has many numbers in the range +353 1 81212xx including some mentioned below and some others that have been found. This might be of use as a last resort when trying to get hold of a person.

The most recent number that we've been told someone has got through on is 00 3531 2480856 (latest confirmation 24 February 2010).

We received the following message from a reader.

"A regular phone number to get through to Ryanair is:

+353 1 812 1212

After dialling, press 0. It will probably take some time for anyone to answer (almost 7 minutes on my last try, so call via the telediscount number for the price of a local call), on top of which they are generally unhelpful. There are two possible fax numbers that are seemingly available:

+353 1 812 1213
+353 1 812 1230

Unfortunately, I have been trying to fax them for the last two days on both numbers - 5 times on one day, 8 times today on both numbers. Up to now, the fax does not go through, but comes back with a 'no answer'. Nothing wrong with the fax machine at my end."

With regard to faxing, another customer found that the fax number was a voice line and was told to use +353 1812 1671, which turned out to be successful as a fax number.

Another reader has given the following list of non-premium numbers.

+353 18121212 Head Office, Dublin, Eire; Fax: +353 18121213;

+353 12497791 Bookings, Eire;

+353 12497700 Customer services menu - Eire;

+353 18121228 Customer services; Fax: +353 18121230 - Eire

We've also been told +353 12480856 for the Ryanair Booking Centre. A correspondent in January 2010 got an answer from this number without being kept on hold for "too long".

And now for Head of Communications phone: +353-1-812 1271 fax: +353-1-844 66 25

A fax number that a customer was given more recently for customer services was +353 15081702, and another fax number that a caller was given was +353 18121676.

Numbers disconnected? We've had a report that both +353 18121228 and +353 818303030 (see below) are coming up as disconnected. Any feedback on these would be welcome.

Feedback 18 August 2009 is that a reader called 00353818303030, chose option 9 and got a Ryanair called centre in Romania where he got help.

Apparently, the CAA has published some numbers taken from letters, as follows.

A 2006 letter gives details as:
Reservations +353 1 2497700
Department Fax No's:
Finance 01 8121373
Sales/Marketing 01 8446625
Reservations 01 6097902

In addition to these, we've seen reference to someone getting through on +353 (0)12497793 in order to change a booking, so it could be that there are several numbers in this range that will get through to Ryanair. In a follow-up, a correspondent has reported a helpful response on 0035312497700, and a suggestion for using 0035312497791 at weekends.

Further to the list of head office numbers, a correspondent has suggested calling 00353 1 8121244 where a real person answered, looked up details and resent a confirmation email. It may be that there are several numbers in the same range, with different last two digits, that get through to the head office.

A reader has reported the following.

"I got through to Ryanair head office easily on the following number although it did not do me much good. All I could get was they would look in to it and contact me and I'm still waiting.

Tel 353-12497791 listen to message for about 2 mins then press option 5. Listen to another message then press option 1 for Wheelchair information. If you use telediscount 0845 2448282 it will only be charged at your local rate."

We have many reports that the 0871 246000 on the Ryanair site has not been working. If anyone has an update, please let us know on (One suggestion is that there is should be another 0 on the end.)

A correspondent got through on this number by choosing option 6 (after listening to the end of the menu) and then option 2. However, the line actually working seems to be intermittent.

Here is one update we've received already.

"Various times I tried to call 0871246000, the number stated on the Ryan Air website. Sometimes I got the message that 'the person on the other line hang up' or a voicemail saying that I had to go to the website after which the connection was broken. But a couple of times I got in the waiting queue, the first time I followed the options which led to a dead end. The second time I remembered that when you press ## while in the queue you are put through to a customer adviser straight away, which to my amazement happened and got to talk to a person, Hurray!"

We've had another confirmation that pressing ## when the message starts playing gets you through to a helpful person.

More than one correspondent has had success calling the Irish Number 0818303030 (From the UK this would be 00353818303030). One has suggested that you always get through to someone if you try option 6.

Here's a message about how to get through (not sure which HO number is referred to):

"Try this, ring the standard Dublin HO number and push option 1. (aka: you know the number of the person you want to speak to).

You’re then prompted to type in the number, don’t. You’ll prompted 3 times to do this, after the third attempted the telephone system automatically transfers you directly to the operator. Be very pleasant and they’ll put you straight through - I was speaking to the right person in HR within 30 seconds of picking up the phone."

Here is another message about baggage handling desks.

"I've just managed, after hours searching, to get through to their baggage handling desks. One is at Liverpool 0151 907 1025 and the other is Ryanair's ground agents at Bournemouth 01202 364212.

Hope this helps any poor soul trying to reach them. In future, wherever possible, I'm going to pay more for my fare just to avoid using Ryanair."

We've had another report full of praise for the help given after calling the Bournemouth number above, and also a report of a number in Stansted, which is 01279 664185/6. More recently, we've had another report that call to 01279 664185 got through to someone who was "marvellous".

We have had many recent reports that problems have been resolved by calling a Ryanair Credit Card number 08712 460009. Glowing praise of whoever is at the other end of this line continues to arrive.

Readers have suggested that you can reduce the cost of calling Ireland from the UK by using, or similar services.

A number of readers have suggested the following site which tracks down geographical telephone numbers and campaigns against premium rate numbers.

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Links, Other Campaigns and Sources of Advice

We take no responsibility for the content of external sites, all of which were suggested by readers of this site at some point.

Other Campaigns

A reader has informed us of a Web site set up to fax complaints to Ryanair on behalf of customers. This is independent of both Ryanair and our own site and can be found at NB This page now seems to have been suspended due to content. An archived version is available at

Here is a link to an Economist article about a possible framework for class actions.

Finally, in the light of Ryanair's exclusive deal with Expedia (how does an exclusive deal between suppliers give customers more choice?), it seems that not everyone is happy with Expedia. See Note that we are not in any way responsible for the content or tone of anything that may be navigated to by an external link.

Documentaries and News Stories

Here is a link to the Sky News Story about the Office of Fair Trading's complaint about Ryanair's terms and conditions for baggage.

Channel Four's Dispatches series made an undercover documentary about Ryanair. Information about this, and also a poll about whether you are willing to accept bad service, is at

A reader has suggested a site giving good and bad news about UK airports at Another reader has suggested this German site


An online forum is at

Assistance and Advice

You could try complaining to the Air Transport Users Council. In the past they have been more concerned with building a dossier about Ryanair than taking action, although that seems to be changing a bit. They also have links to other sources of advice, but bear in mind that Ryanair is not likely to be a member of any of the trade associations that they mention.

For issues to do with misleading information, unfair extra fees etc, the Office of Fair Trading has taken action recently, and also has many useful links.

A site giving information about air travellers' legal rights is at

This is another site giving advice on passengers' rights

In this general regard, a reader has suggested the following

"I learned that cross border EEC consumer complaints can be taken up with the UK European consumer Centre at the following address. They were most helpful and I have passed my complaint to them and they have now informed me that the dispute has been passed to the ECC department in Dublin to contact Ryanair.

There is also a cross border consumer complaint mediation service available from the European Commision. A complaint form can be downloaded from and there is information at

UK European Consumer Centre
Trading Standards Institute
1 Sylvan Court
Sylvan Way
Southfields Business Park
Basildon, SS15 6TH
Tel: 08456 04 05 03
Web: "

Information on specific rulings is at and

A reader has sent us this

"This is a link to the Irish online small claims court website. For a mere 15 euros it is possible to take Ryanair to court to demand refunds, etc. The beauty of it is that you don't even have to be there, which makes this technique ideal for overseas customers of Ryanair.

Users should note that the full name of the company is Ryanair Holdings PLC, the registered address is Ryanair Corporate Headquarters, Dublin Airport, Dublin, Co Dublin, Ireland. The Swords area Office is the one to choose from the list." Note: a correspondent reports that Ryanair processed a refund within forty eight hours of a request being posted here.

A reader has suggested the following link regarding airlines' obligations if boarding is denied. .

This is a link to the Which? site, advising passengers on their rights.

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