Cancellation and Reselling

What Will You Do if Your Flight is Cancelled?

In response to the threatening letter, we wanted to state that we did not claim that Ryanair had acted in the way inferred in the letter, but have been advised that we should not say so because it would be a statement of what Ryanair had inferred, which otherwise we had never made.

(However, note the way that they behaved over the Heineken Cup Final on 24 May 2008. See "Consumer watchdog tells Ryanair to explain Munster price hike" on our Press Stories page.)

We merely draw attention to the implications of the limitations on their liability, if a flight or seat does have to be cancelled, to the refund of the money paid.

Sometimes, through no one's fault, flights do have to be cancelled. Ryanair is clear about their liability in such a situation. They state

If flights are cancelled by Ryanair and no suitable alternative flight is available, we will, upon application, refund all monies paid in respect of the cancelled flight, without further liability. Ryanair does not provide meal vouchers or hotel accommodation for delayed or cancelled flights at any time.

In other words, if you paid 20 for your flight abroad (which would be what made it so attractive in the first place), and the flight was cancelled, Ryanair would refund 20.

But what if you had already paid in advance for a holiday hotel for two weeks? You would have little choice but to travel as soon as possible.

How much would Ryanair charge you to fly the next day? How much would another airline charge you to travel at the last minute? In either case, it might be a lot more than if you had simply got an advance deal with another airline in the first place, with assurances about something more than just a refund of what you paid.

Ryanair can potentially earn itself money by cancelling your cheap seat, refunding the small amount of money you paid, and then charging you much more to fly on a different day because you are committed to travelling by then.

A reader has suggested the following link regarding airlines' obligations if boarding is denied. .