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Ryanair and similar companies which concentrate on booking via the Internet have made air travel across Europe available to many people who could not previously have afforded it.

But there is an element of Russian Roulette. There is a good chance that you will get very cheaply to where you want to go with no problems. But a proportion of passengers can find themselves in a situation where they are left helpless and/or have to pay a lot of money. Ryanair is often solely in control of the factors that can create such a situation.

Latest News

Exorbitant Booking Fees Now Extended to VISA Electron

You may be aware that Ryanair has been charging 5 per person in booking fees, even when all are booked in a single transaction costing around 1, unless a VISA Electron card was used. Now the only way to avoid the fees is to use a prepay Mastercard, which has fees of its own which may add up to more than Ryanair's. See our Press Stories page.

Fares Up 500% for World Cup Playoff

Nothing surprising about this. See our Press Stories page.

Passport Required for Internal Flights

Ryanair has another way of letting people make unrefundable bookings that they can't use. For internal flights, they refuse forms of ID accepted by other airlines, but do not prevent people from making bookings and paying taxes for flights they can't use. See stories at Ryanair declines driving licences for ID and Hero in Ryanair ID snub

New Page with YouTube Songs

A number of people have written songs about Ryanair and posted them on YouTube. See the new songs page.

Winter is Caused by Taxes, According to Ryanair

You may have heard stories about Ryanair cutting planes at Stansted and blaming excessive taxes. So are taxes to blame for winter?

All airlines cut flights in winter, and Ryanair is no exception. See this Financial Times story.

Cost Comparison

A reader has contributed a spreadsheet as follows. "The first tab in the spreadsheet deals with a straightforward cost comparison exercise of costs that you cannot avoid paying, and the second tab is dedicated to the cost of extras and services."

NB we are not in a position to check all the figures, and the situation may change over time, but it could be a useful snapshot of the current situation. It is in Excel format. RyanAirsheet.xls

You may also be interested in the new British Airways Value Calculator.

All Publicity is Good Publicity

We were always pretty sure that the suggestion of charging to use the toilet on Ryanair flights was a typical attention-grabbing joke, but it was so plausible that it generated a huge amount of press. Now, like crisps manufacturers giving silly names to standard flavours, or chocolate-makers briefly removing the flavour no one likes, Ryanair has hit on using customer participation to raise its profile. As you laugh at the idea of them letting you enter a competition to suggest ridiculous extra fees, please don't forget the extent to which they will charge extras totally out of proportion with the advertised fare.

Don't Get More Shopping than you Can Fit Into Your Bag

See this press story.

Ryanair Faces Prosecution Over Lack Of Email Address

By far our most common reason for correspondence is the difficulty that people have contacting Ryanair, for example being charged for premium rate phone calls while trying to avoid multiple charges after website failures. An Early Day Motion and EU Legislation have called for companies like Ryanair to provide an email address, without success so far. But finally it looks as if the law is catching up with them.

See our Press Stories page and the story dated 9 November.

Gift Vouchers Cost You More than they are Worth

CLAIMS that Ryanair's gift vouchers are almost impossible to redeem and may end up costing consumers more than they're worth are under investigation by the National Consumers Agency (NCA) in Ireland. See this Irish Independent Article page.