Will You Need Your Baggage at the Other End?

If you are visiting relatives and/or are carrying very little, you probably have nothing to worry about.

If you are travelling on to somewhere else, or your baggage is essential for your trip or holiday, you need to consider the Terms and Conditions they offer if they lose or delay anything. Ryanair probably has a similar record of successful baggage handling to other airlines, but you need to consider how bad it will be if something does go wrong. Will they help you out? Are there mechanisms available to get your delayed baggage to you as soon as possible? Will they try very hard?

Much of what was on this page is now out of date since Ryanair was forced to change its terms and conditions after the Office of Fair Trading ruling, but their general attitude is unlikely to have changed.

No matter how carefully I read the terms and conditions and considered their implications, I never would have imagined that Ryanair would use their failure to put my baggage on two successive flights (24 hours apart) as a means of getting extra money from me once I was desperate.

Most business look after customers who have problems, particularly when the business has caused the problems for the customer. Ryanair chose to exploit my situation to get extra money.